Coffee and TV!

Actually I have no idea of what to call this entry, so I have named it after my current pass time, which is watching TV [Magic – channel 330 on Telewest; power ballads baby!] and drinking copious amounts of coffee, 11 cups since getting home from work at 4:20pm. Anyway, onto something more relevant; On Sunday I went along to the open mic night at the Phoenix, been meaning to pop down for some time, but always forgot until now. The surprise of the night was that there was a new sound engineer [not pretend engineers like the rest of us, a real live qualified engineer] and even better, it’s a woman, and she really put the rest of us to shame, making the Phoenix PA actually sound good as apposed to reasonable sound that the rest of the engineers manage [including myself]. The night itself was pretty entertaining, a couple of reasonable performances and one excellent performance, playing a load of older material, and playing it incredibly well, even the stage act was spot on, especially when they played Queen’s, Another One Bites The Dust. After the evening finished, we took a wander towards our respective homes, but along the way, we came across a stray dog, normally if it was just myself and Phil, we would have left it where it was as it probably lived nearby, but Emily; being a girl n’all wanted to take it in, so Phil reluctantly agreed to take it in; at least to give the dog some food and something to drink, before dragging it up to the police station, using a makeshift lead, made out of a belt, ingenious! I eventually got home just before 1am, and pretty much fell to sleep straight away. Of course in the morning I had a hangover, can’t be going to a pub without drinking can I? OK, I didn’t need to drink 8 pints, but three of them were free drinks, which are always cool, it would be rude to refuse wouldn’t it? To add to my hangover problems and having to be in work for half past nine, I was still having problems with the new boots, which I simply couldn’t wear after lunchtime as the pain was ridiculous, so I reverted back to my old boots, which I left in work luckily. In the end I had to buy a size up, as the boots seems to be quite small for a size 9. The downside is that I had to spend out another £27 as I couldn’t return the size 9s as they had been worn outside. The size 10s are much better to wear although my heals are still quite sore, having taken a huge chunk of skin off both heals, that’ll teach me to be a stubborn bastard and keep on wearing boots that are dangerously uncomfortable. Yesterday was a quiet day really, just spent the night watching TV, and generally chilling out, giving my feet a chance to recover a little from the previous day’s punishment! Oh and I like Gran Turismo 4 even better now, as well as having the Nurburgring circuit; I have found out that it has the Le Mans circuit as well under the name of ‘Circuit De La Sarthe’. I was driving around it, thinking, why do I know this track, as I am driving down the Mulsanne Straight at 210MPH, after several laps the penny finally dropped. OK, I shall shut up now, that’s quite enough rambling from me!

Additional: Plymouth Argyle has managed to win a home game! but sadly it’s a Carling Cup game, so it doesn’t help the league situation. Despite winning the game, Argyle was first to concede, that’s something that needs to stop. Plymouth were lucky to be gifted an equaliser when David Norris was brought down in the box by David Farrell, and Paul Wotton duly slotted the ball past the Peterborough keeper. Plymouth took the lead when Scott Taylor got on the end of an Akos Buzsaky cross to fire home from 18 yards out. Hopefully this win will give the team confidence to win their home game against Hull City on Saturday to lift the team out of the bottom third of the table; Argyle desperately need to start wining their home games if they wish to stay up this season, I’d rather the Pilgrims not be struggling to stay up come next May, like they did last season!

Additional: Additional: Kimi Raikkonen ran away with the lead in Istanbul on Sunday as I predicted, I do think that Raikkonen is the best driver on the grid at the moment, not withstanding Michael Schumacher. The only reason that Fernando Alonso is leading the championship is because of the Renaults bullet proof reliability. The McLaren is quick, alarmingly quick infact, but has reliability issues, which has sidelined Raikkonen in more than one race this season while leading. The Brits did reasonably well, as I predicted, BAR driver, Jenson Button was the best of the rest, finishing in 5th place behind the McLarens and Renaults, and David Couthard brought his Red Bull home in 7th position, another solid result for the Scot, just shows that he hasn’t lost his passion, he just needed a new challenge.

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