I don’t have a subject, but fuck it!

Well, I didn’t need to worry about the sound tonight as non of the bands turned up, with the exception of Chris Wheelchair, who never performed as no customers turned up anyway, but saying that I had a good night. After leaving the Phoenix I went off to the Voodoo Lounge and had another couple of pints, which leads me to now. And I get home to find that Argyle have lost again, how fucking depressing is that? OK we were away to Brighton, but we still lost badly and all Bobby Williamson has to say is “I am concerned about our results but we have just got to keep working through it. Now is the time to be strong and believe in our ability and I’m sure we’ve got the players that will get over this period. We need to focus on keeping clean sheets because then we’ll have the chance of winning games.” – fat fucking chance of that happening, he clearly doesn’t have the influence or talent to be an English football manager, he really should piss off back to the Scottish leagues, where he belongs. I really don’t understand why Paul Sturrock recommended him, he really isn’t upto the job; surely Plymouth chairman Paul Stapleton must have realised this by now? I am fast losing patience as are many of the Argyle fans! Will we have to wait until the club is relegated to ‘League 1’ before action is taken, I for one seriously hope not!

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