Like a lemon…

I went into work this morning [early for a change] and started working immediately [as I dont see much point in standing around waiting for my shift to start] only to be told that I had the day off. Which is great as I get an extra day off work, but the bad news is that I will have to work at least 6 days in a row now as I have to work Sunday, and knowing my luck I wont get another day off until midweek the following week, so I could be working upto 10 days on the trot. But I do have a house inspection today so it’s good that I have the day off, so I can keep an eye on the people when they inspect the flat, as I really don’t trust these people at all, besides I need to point out a few problems with the flat before they try to blame me for damage that I havent done, and I could do without losing my deposit!

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