Lonely, so lonely…

OK, so that may not be true, it is actually nice to have my flat back to myself after 3 weeks of the Mad Axeman [Tomas] eating me out of house and home, Jesus that man can eat, and I thought that I ate a lot! He left my place on Thursday at 10:40am [which just happened to be the time I left for work] to catch a train from Plymouth to London Paddington, then onto Liverpool St. to catch the Stansted Express. I have to admit that it seems pretty weird being on my own again, but at the same time it feels quite good as I tend to be a loner anyway, quite happy spending time in my own company, especially after the last two years of Phoenix related stuff. Speaking of Phoenix related stuff I am officially back on staff at the Phoenix as sound engineer, and I was the first port of call for Phil when one of the other soundmen had to drop out due to hearing problems. But I am only doing one night per week; don’t want to end up doing 3 – 4 gigs per week like I was before my mini-explosion! But that will be the limit of my Phoenix activities, as I don’t want to get dragged in as deeply as I was before, I like my nights away and staying at home, and actually using the facilities that I pay a small fortune for each month. I have just bought Gran Turismo 4 for the Playstation 2, and I have to say it’s pretty good, much better than previously incarnations. Polyphony Digital have got it spot on this time, taking the best of all three previous GT games and adding a better interface and AI plus revamped the driving physics which makes the game much more challenging! While on a gadget buying spree, I bought myself a 128MB mp3 player, that is so small that it’s amazing that I haven’t lost it yet, but it’s cool, because it can sit in my shirt pocket, or I can hang it around my neck, which is just as well really.

On Tomas’ last night in the UK, we went out for a couple of drinks at Voodoo Lounge [albeit not going for it like the previous week] and got onto the conversation, [hypothetical of course] of if you met a nice looking young lady and you ended up going back to her place, and when things got hot and horny, you found a suspicious package down below [still following me?] Would you run away in disgust, or would you go for it, and get down to business? I won’t tell you what we agreed, but the question is; would you throw aside any prejudices and carry on with what you went to her/his place to do? OK, now I have scared you all; I shall leave you with that thought; don’t have nightmares now will you?

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