It’s just over 90 minutes until my first official night back at the sound desk at the Phoenix, and for some reason I am quite nervous about it. I know that I really shouldn’t be nervous as I have done it many times before, but I wonder if I still have it after having 8 weeks away from the sound desk, and since last Sunday, the bar has been raised by another engineer at the Phoenix, so I need to re-evaluate what is possible with the Phoenix sound system. Until Emily joined the team, I always managed to get the best of the Phoenix sound system [which, lets face it, isn’t exactly the best] but she managed to get so much more out of it, and for the life of me I can’t figure where it came from, so I guess that there will be plenty of experimenting with the faders and knobs tonight, anyway, wish me luck, I think I will need it as many things have broken since the last time I used the PA, I really hope that there aren’t any screaming metal bands playing tonight as I don’t have a compressor to make their screams into a dull roar; my ears couldn’t take that level of noise at the moment!

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