Road Trip!

Well, sort of, myself, Tomas and Stephen took a drive up to the ‘English Riviera‘ that is Torbay on Wednesday evening, which was pleasant enough, and Stephen had an ‘incident’ which he will never live down, but he now knows that he should listen to what I say more often. We stopped for a beer at the Wetherspoons in Torquay, well, myself and Tomas did; Stephen couldn’t drink for obvious reasons, and we went on a mini ferry ride via Dartmouth to get home as Stephen took a wrong turn on the way home, and the car doesn’t float too well, so we decided the ferry was the best option. Last night we went to a new venue just off Union Street called The Hub to see a couple of live bands. The venue itself was pretty nice, but the acoustics really aren’t suited for live music, although the sound engineer for the night has to take some of the blame as there was plenty of things that he could have done to improve the general sound, nothing you can do about the acoustics. But simple things like rolling off the higher frequencies and pushing a little more bass through the system would improve the sound massively, which the system was more than capable of doing as the low end was massively underused. I didn’t even stay for the last band as the sound was too painful on the ears; I even have a little ringing in my ears still now. Afterwards we went off to the Quay Club for more rocking out action, but I ended up leaving early as I developed a headache and was feeling quite dizzy, initially I went outside to get some fresh air, but that didn’t help, so I staggered home, think it was a combination of not feeling 100% and drinking heavily, I may lay off the drink for a bit, really haven’t been feeling right in myself lately and the beer isn’t helping matters. Seems that my drinking stamina has been severely hindered of late, really can’t drink as much as I used to, probably for the best really!

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