I feel a relapse coming on!

I have been trying to give up drinking for a month [at least] but 6 days in, and I have the urge for the demon drink yet again. All day I have been thinking about going out for a drink(s) [in-between thinking how my life is pretty dull and un-enjoyable], seems that I won’t be able to actually resist the call of the beer. I wish that I had something better to do other than drink, but that’s what most of my friends do most of the time, and most of my closest friends have found girlfriends/boyfriends [delete as applicable] and feel like I am getting left behind, which is a scary prospect as I am older than most of them. It’s no secret that I want to find someone to love [preferably female], and love me, settle down and have a normal life [what is normal?]. So until that happens, myself and Mr John Smiths are going to be buddies for a little while longer, besides I am not going to meet someone sat at home am I? Although I do tend to get a little too friendly with Mr. Smiths and make an arse of myself. This has to be a first, feeling depressed without actually being drunk, things really have gotten bad! And to top it off I found out that my favourite grand prix, Spa Francorchamps is this weekend and I am bloody working Sunday, I will record it in the vain hope that I manage to go the whole day without hearing the result! Right, best stop this depressing stuff before I jump to my death from the top of my computer chair!

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