I hate working weekends!

This morning I managed to oversleep really badly, not only did I not wake up when the alarm went off, I actually slept through 1 hour and 5 minutes of my alarm beeping. I finally woke up 9:08am, and I had to be in work by 9:30am, which meant I had 2 minutes to get up, get dressed and have a shave, which I didn’t actually manage, but I was out of the house by 9:15am, and then proceeded to walk to work with great gusto, although I didn’t feel much like going anywhere. Obviously all this was caused by the old enemy, BEER! I went out to JFK’s last night, with the idea of taking it easy, but that didn’t happen, I spent £20 in there, which meant I must have drank eight pints, add that to the three cans I drunk at Stephen’s house beforehand, left me feeling pretty shit in the morning, in fact when I arrived in work, it almost felt like I was still drunk for the first 2 hours, when it started to shake off. I really want to find another job that is 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, as at the moment I usually get days off like Tuesday and nothing happens on Monday nights. It’s safe to say that this job has ruined my social life as I normally don’t go out with friends when asked as I know I have to work the next day, and more often than not I am working six days of the week, which includes Saturday and Sunday, which is becoming very depressing, and another thing that bugs me is that one of the other guys I work with who never works Sundays always gets Monday off, so he effectively gets a weekend off each week, last time I had two consecutive days off was when I was on holiday. You would think that since I work Sundays when I don’t have to, they would allow me Monday off, instead of making me work more than seven consecutive days some times; leaving me feeling totally drained!

Anyway, that’s enough moaning, onto something more positive, Tony Pulis has had a good start to his reign at Home Park. Plymouth managed to hold Southampton to a goalless draw away at St. Mary’s. Plymouth more than held their own against the home team. The match was very even in all aspects, plenty of shots on goal, and both defences kept the opposition out. Plymouth will be the happier of the teams taking a valuable point away from St. Mary’s, it doesn’t help our position in the table, but its another point to the tally, which will all count come the end of the season. Plymouth have another tough tie on Tuesday away at Bramall Lane against top of the table Sheffield United, I really hope that Argyle can grab a point from there as well, which will put the team in good spirits going into the two home games against Stoke City and Sheffield Wednesday on the 1st and the 15th of October.

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