Not where I planned to be today!

Right now I should have been on my way to Wales to engineer a gig for a local band that is playing at the Pop Factory near Swansea tonight. But it turned out that they couldn’t secure the transport the wanted to take a load of people and have now gone up in two cars, and a van for the equipment. To say I am not happy is an understatement, I was asked to come along, but no-one bothered to let me know in a proper manner about the situation, I had a chase people up. I would have thought that since I am supposed to be their official live sound engineer, they would let me know in a proper manner, and then at least I would have had time to make alternative travel arrangements. Even worse I took a day off work to enable me to go on this trip, and now I am losing a days pay for nothing, I really wonder why I bother trying to help people out when they turn around and kick me in the bollocks, maybe I should disappear from public life, and stick with my core group of friends!

Speaking of sound engineering, I have to make a retraction about my previous entry about Consolation Prizefighter, who were actually pretty accommodating in compromising their guitar and bass amplifier levels. I just explained the situation, telling them how much better they would sound out front if they turned down their amps by one or two notches, and we found a compromise between giving the band a decent level onstage without affecting my front of stage sound, and the sounded so much better because of it. Of course the new sound rig helped out immensely sounding much fuller, and of course clearer than the old rig as it wasn’t being pushed so hard, and I got the sound I wanted, or at least near enough!

In Formula One news, Jenson Button has managed to wrangle out of his contract with Williams for 2006, but it come at a price, a rumoured $30 million, that’s £16.8 million, and that had to come out of Button’s own money, although it is likely to be reimbursed by BAR Honda. The Briton has signed a multi year contract with BAR Honda, and will partner Rubens Barrichello for the foreseeable future, which should be a good combination as BAR have already announced that there will be no team orders for 2006. Which I think will be good for Jenson, being pushed hard by his team mate and we know how good Rubens is, outclassing current team mate at Ferrari; Michael Schumacher on several occasions. I would like to see BAR Honda become world champions in the next couple of years; they have a package that is almost capable of doing that now, only McLaren have a clear advantage at the moment, but BAR will need to be competitive from the outset of the season if they hope to win titles. Finally Jenson Button is “damaged goods” according to Juan Pablo Montoya, and says that team owners won’t want to touch the Briton over ‘Buttongate’, but this probably won’t matter as BAR have expressed a wish to retain Button for the rest of his racing career. Although I do think that Jenson went about this in the wrong way, I think he was right to remain at BAR Honda, as the team is built around him and have a better chance of good results next season, having a works engine, and car maker backing, which Williams does not have for next season, being powered by Cosworth!

Plymouth Argyle have announced their candidate for the managers role at Home Park, and its former Stoke manager Tony Pulis, The Welshman has a proven track record is rescuing struggling teams seasons. His first game in charge will be this Saturday against Southhampton, which will be a serious test for the new manager, I don’t expect to come away with anything from the game, but a good showing against the St Mary’s side would be a promising start, especially after the humiliating defeat to League 2 side Barnet in the Carling Cup on Tuesday! I hope that Pulis can turn Argyle’s season around as if he doesn’t, I don’t see Plymouth being a Championship side next year. We only survived last year because of the good start to the season, and of course this season couldn’t have been any different!

Finally, now for something completely different, as some of you may know I put my picture on hot or not for a laugh some years ago, and now a few people have added me to their match list, the latest one being this fine looking young lady. I tend to think “why would someone that hot, want to meet me?” But what have I got to lose, nothing is the answer, although I doubt she lives anywhere near me, so at best we may become internet chat partners, but who knows what will happen in the future, but for now I will be keeping my feet on the ground, oh if you were wonder what an ugly fucker I am, heres my hot or not profile, baring in mind that picture is two years old now, and taken on a crappy webcam!

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