Stop making excuses!

McLaren team owner Ron Dennis has been making excuses for why Kimi Raikkonen isn’t world champion this year, this time it’s the fault of “slow backmarkers” getting in the way when Raikkonen is charging through the field. Get over it man, it’s the same for everyone on the track, so that can in no way be used as an excuse. Raikkonen has tangled with backmarkers twice in previous races, but that is more about the Finn being impetuous and not waiting for a suitable passing point. Of course the main factor other than the early season form of Fernando Alonso is the poor reliability of the Mercedes engine that powers the McLaren. Ron Dennis is now saying that McLaren may lose the constructors title because of the backmarkers, same bloody excuse, it’s the same for everyone, what does he want? The backmarkers to pull to the side of the road when they see a McLaren in their wing mirrors, I think not! The rules are specific; a driver has to let the faster car through within three waved blue flags, which the backmarkers must have done as no penalties have been handed out! Besides if teams like Jordan [Midland F1, from next season], Minardi [which is to become the Junior Red Bull Racing team next season] and Sauber [which will become BMW F1 next season] (anyone see a pattern emerging here?) we would never have any new blood in F1 as the established teams usually stick to the drivers already in F1, in the usual merry-go-round fashion, at least until someone retires, leaving an opening! [Full Story]

And it continues, latest news in, Ron Dennis has said that Fernando Alonso is nowhere near a match for his two drivers, Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya, he says that its not sour grapes, but it bloody well sounds like it to me! I reckon that Alonso is certainly a match for the Finn, and if they both drove for McLaren, I reckon that it would be very nip and tuck for the title, considering that Renault only have the fourth biggest budget in F1, and McLaren have a huge speed advantage over the French team, Fernando has done well with what he has had underneath him on race weekends. I would love to see Fernando really go for it in the final two races and silence Dennis, its all well and good saying you have the best drivers when you also have the best car by some way, it seems that he can’t take defeat gracefully, at least Raikkonen has kept his mouth shut and accepted it! [Full Story]

A Devon pensioner has been jailed for seven days because she refused to pay the obscene hike in council tax this year, the outstanding amount was only £53.71! Has this country become so money grabbing that we need to jail pensioners just to set an example? It damn well seems that way! How do they expect pensioners to pay almost £800 per annum out of their pension? I can barely afford to pay my council tax, infact I couldn’t this year, I had to borrow money from my dad to clear the entire debt when the council didn’t even want to know about a plan for me to repay the debt, fucking bureaucrats, they should all be hung, drawn and quartered, I don’t blame the people that work as civil servants, their hands are tied! I am really disgusted by this, doesn’t it make you proud to be British? [Full Story]

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