Did I say that I wasn’t going out Thursday night?

Well, I did end up going out to the Quay Club, despite saying that I wasn’t going to bother. I went to the Phoenix as planned and saw three excellent bands, including a young band that had their lead singer pull out from a pasty related injury [as bizarre as it sounds]. I ended up going to the Quay Club with a member from the second band, Maidavalepain, and of course I bumped into a few people that know in the club. Although I did go out, I didn’t really feel like drinking much and didn’t really enjoy the night. It was much the same story last night, went out to JFK’s, spent most of the night in the Warehouse watching yet another three live bands, wasn’t up for the night at all, in fact I was going to pull out, but didn’t as a load of people were turning up specially for my birthday bash. I just seem to be bored of clubbing life; it was fun for a few weeks when I started to go back to JFK’s, but now it has become boring. So I think that I will limit myself to going out to JFK’s once a month, that way it may be more fun, you know what they say about too much of a good thing! I am supposed to be doing the sound at the Phoenix tonight, but to be honest I don’t feel like it, been trying to contact Rich to cover, but he managed to leave his mobile at the Phoenix last night, so I may be stuck with it! It bizarre really; as I haven’t been doing the sound for two weeks I have missed it, now that it’s almost time, I can’t be arsed with it, probably a lot to do with the fact that I have been out three nights in a row and feeling tired!

In Formula One, as soon as Max Mosley is re-elected FIA president, he has already managed to upset Michelin with the reintroduction of tyre changes in 2006. The French tyre company claims that Mosley has done a U-turn on cost cutting measures in F1. Ultimately it comes down to cost to themselves, having to redevelop their existing tyre specs to conform to the new regulations. Also reading this article seems to suggest that it’s also a bit of sour grapes as their advantage over Bridgestone is likely to be eroded with the new regulations as Bridgestone never got to grips with the single set of tyres rule brought in last season. I think tyre changes are a good idea, brings more excitement into pit stops, especially when it’s a straight pit stop race! And of course this should stop the fiasco of Indianapolis happening again this year, F1 really can’t afford more high profile disasters like the American GP. Ex F1 world champion Nigel Mansell [who has never been one for keeping his mouth shut] has had a right ol’ rant at the new regulations for the 2006 season. He labelled the new the new qualifying session as ‘unfair’ and reckons that it will increase the gulf between the fast cars and the rest. And went on to have a good ol’ moan about electronics in F1, which I do agree, there isn’t as much skill involved in driving a F1 car these days, its pretty much point and squirt. The electronic driver aids will almost take care of most minor mistakes, which would have been punished by losing time or spinning out just ten years ago. For example, ten years ago if the driver didn’t feed the power in properly out of slow corner, they would find themselves facing the wrong direction. But with the modern car, the traction control sorts all that out, all the driver has to do is plant his right foot to the floor, and the electronics take control of the throttle effectively. F1 today is more about who has the best technology, rather than pure engineering and driver skill!

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