Honda to buy out BAR!

It has been announced today that Honda has bought the BAR team, lock stock and barrel, the Japanese car maker already owned 45% of BAR. I am not sure whether this will be a good thing or not really, especially if Honda starts wielding the axe within the current team structure, I think that would be disastrous for the Brackley based team. But Honda has said that it will be pouring more resources [e.g. money] into the team to bring the team up to speed with the frontrunners, McLaren and Renault, so hopefully this will bring Jenson Button’s aspirations of becoming world champion into reality. But it shows that privateer teams are fast becoming a thing of the past, with five of the ten teams on the grid being fully funded works teams, but I tend to think this is a good thing, at least it will mean less teams trailing behind the pack as most car manufacturers have the financial punch to get their teams to the sharp end of the grid! It is also rumoured that Honda will power a mystery new team in F1 next season, no-one really knows much about this proposed 11th team, but rumours are flying that current BAR driver Takuma Sato [who is to be replaced by Rubens Barrichello next season] will drive for the new team, as is Anthony Davidson, who is currently BAR’s test driver, but is looking for a race drive next season, as it doesn’t look like happening at BAR, not that Jenson is confirmed as staying and Rubens taking the second seat next season. I am wondering whether it will be a Honda ‘B’ team to accommodate the two BAR drivers, especially as Honda have gone on record as saying that they would continue to support Takuma Sato’s career, interesting times ahead I think!

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