Just how on Earth did Renault not win the Japanese Grand Prix? Giancarlo Fisichella had a 20 second lead over Kimi Raikkonen, but the Finn managed to eat into the Italian’s lead at 1.2 seconds per lap in the closing stages, and finally overtook Fisi on the final lap of the Grand Prix. Fernando Alonso will be even more bemused that he ended up behind both Michael Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen despite stopping for fuel ahead of the pair. But Raikkonen and Schumacher stayed out for several laps more, which made all the difference, despite Raikkonen not being able to pass the German before his pit stop. The man that started on pole position, and predicted Toyota’s first grand prix win before the race, Ralf Schumacher ended the race in 8th position, behind brother Michael after stopping early in the race, so their pole position wasn’t a true representation of speed! David Couthard drove the race of his Red Bull Racing career to finish the race in 5th position, ahead of fellow Brit Jenson Button, who had high hopes of obtaining his first career win, but the BAR driver went backwards as the race progressed, seems that the Scot has a renewed passion for F1 since his move away from McLaren, who I feel stifled Couthard, putting both of the teams recent Finnish driver before him! Frank Williams will have a wry smile on his face as his driver Mark Webber managed to get the jump on not only Couthard, but Jenson Button [who bought his way out of his contract with Williams] as well in pit stops due to some slick pit work by the Williams team, Webber finished the race in 4th position, ahead of Couthard and Button. Not a bad day for the Brits then, Couthard performing the better of the two, finishing ahead of Button despite starting the race four places behind the Englishman. The BAR continued its poor race performance, something on that car isn’t right, as it starts off well, but tends to fall away as the race progresses, which isn’t good if BAR want to win races. Hopefully next year when the team will be re-badged as Honda, the financial punch of the car giant will be able to give Jenson a car that is capable of winning races, and hopefully world championships. The race itself was the most exciting I have seen in a long time, with six different drivers leading the race, some spectacular overtaking manoeuvres, namely by the two championship contenders, Alonso and Raikkonen, with former world champion Michael Schumacher being the one under attack time and time again from the pair. This result means that Renault have retaken the lead in the Constructors Championship, and lead McLaren by two points, so I am really looking forward to the next grand prix in China next weekend, although I will have to record it again, as I am working Sunday, typical isn’t it, the best two grand prix of the year and I can’t watch either of them live, bloody work!!! I suppose one advantage of recording it, I can fast forward those bloody annoying ad breaks!

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