Illness and work related stuff!

Today I feel much better, so all the feeling like hell yesterday must have been the worst of it, I feel so much better today, despite only managing 3 1/2 hours sleep due to aching muscles giving me hell during the night! I woke up this morning feeling pretty good in comparison to recent days, almost human again. So I went to work, mainly to get it over and done with, just in case the sick feeling reoccurred, but luckily it didn’t happen, obviously I still don’t feel 100%, but it didn’t affect my work at all, apart from the occasional coughing fit, everything was fine. I enquired about why I had to come in to work on my day off because I can’t go straight to holiday from being ill; apparently it’s because someone took the piss earlier in the year, took the day off before going on holiday, then that person claimed that they were ill for their whole holiday and claimed SSP, then reclaimed their holiday entitlement. So the logic is that if they are well enough to work, they are well enough to go on holiday, strange but true eh? That thought didn’t even come into my mind, if I were to be ill on my week off; I would just count myself unlucky and get on with it. I am a man of honour and wouldn’t even consider doing anything like that, simply because it creates ill-will between the employee and employer. Anyway, the supervisor in charge let me leave a little early as I did come in earlier than anyone else, and did work really hard despite still being ill, so its not all bad, I still sort of resent being made to work on the first day of my holiday, but it’s done now, and I can forget about it, and enjoy my holiday!

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