It’s about time!

It’s looking very likely that BAR test driver Anthony Davidson will finally get his chance to prove his race pedigree in the car that he has tested for the last four years. Takuma Sato is highly likely to be replaced by the Brit for the Chinese grand prix in Shanghai. Sato has been highly inconsistent over the past two years, he is a highly impetuous driver, and usually makes contact with other drivers on the track while trying unachievable overtaking manoeuvres often taking himself and the other driver out of the race. He managed to survive, not one, but two collisions during the Japanese grand prix, and was later disqualified for unsportsmanlike behaviour. I am amazed that BAR have stuck with him so long, although I bet Honda had a big say in it. He really isn’t of the right calibre to drive in Formula One in my opinion, Anthony Davidson would be a much better bet, although I am a little biased towards the Brit, there isn’t enough Brits in Formula One for my liking, so an extra one would be great, even if it is for only one race! Although it is likely that Honda will run a ‘junior’ team next season, Davidson and Sato are likely to be the two drivers in the cars, assuming that this proposed mystery team becomes a reality!

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