An Observation

As outlaid previously on the blog I have become an eBay whore, but not as bad as some people, especially as many people are paying over the odds for stuff on eBay. They don’t seem to realise how much the goods they are bidding on are new. I have seen goods go for a few pounds less than the retail price [if you know where to look that is], then add the delivery charges on top and suddenly they are paying more. I always research how much I can get the item for brand new retail price, and then bid accordingly taking the delivery into account, and won’t bid more than that, if I am paying more than 66.7% of the retail price (including delivery) then I won’t bid any higher as it’s not worth that much, especially if secondhand goods, which many things are on eBay. Currently I am bidding on two items, both compressors, one is a 2-way compressor, gate, and limiter, which I want to run in stereo mode on the output stage of the desk, so it smoothes out the whole sound to stop nasty spikes before it hits the amps and speakers, and the other a 4-way compressor, gate, and limiter for the inserts on the desk; blimey I am starting to sound like a geek! Currently both items are going for £24.99 each + delivery, but I expect that to go up as there are still two days left in the auction, but I am hoping that no-one will notice it, although it could be a problem if I am outbid at the last moment as I am working when the auction ends.

In other random stuff, I found an old primary school friend from some 18 years ago on mySPACE, it was a guy called Paul from a local band called ’24/7 City Blueprint’ that I have seen way too many times. I never even realised until he added me on mySPACE and I read his full name, and thought I wonder… and it was him, it’s amazing how small a world it really is, you wouldn’t think that you’d find an ex schoolmate on mySPACE would you?

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