ARGH!!! mkII

Now I am seriously pissed off with my letting agency, the damn washing machine has leaked again despite assurances from a Beresford Ward plumber that the machine is fine; he couldn’t find any problems with it. Well, if this is how Hotpoint machines are supposed to work, then I think that another brand needs to be bought! I am not happy with this situation at all, they can’t expect me not to use the machine, and it seemed fine for ages, I thought it was a programming error as it only happened on a 95°C wash, but it happened again on a 40°C wash this time, so there is definitely something wrong with the valve system on the machine. I don’t think that it is as bad this time around; I have left a note with the downstairs neighbours explaining this situation as they aren’t home at the moment. I cleaned up the excess water as quickly as I could and now don’t have no clean towels and no way to wash them with the machine out of action, luckily I managed to get the washing out of the machine, actually messing about with the program settings to drain the drum full of water, and the stupid machine still tried to spin while still half full of water. I will certainly have a few choice words for Beresford Ward in the morning, and I will be even grumpier as I will now have to get up extra early to get to the agency before work, I am not prepared to have this conversation over the phone, besides they can’t hang up on me in person! Although I feel that I have the right to be angry, it’s just a comedy of errors, seems that they don’t care enough to sort problems out! There is nothing else I can do about it now, hopefully I managed to clean up the water before it seeped through the floorboards down to the flat below, just another kick in the teeth that I could have done without really, but it wouldn’t be right for me to have normal life, too many complications!!!

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