Just over a week ago, a representative from One.Tel came to my home, and managed to convince me that I would save money with them, although she made it sound like she was from BT, although not in so many words. I had just got home from work and was tired, so didn’t really listen properly to what she was saying, anyway, to cut a long story short I signed on the dotted line, but later in the night I realised that I was duped when I took a more intense look at their service and come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t actually be saving much money as most of my calls are to mobile phones, free evening and weekend landline to landline calls are pretty much useless to me as I only ever really call my Dad on his landline, and those calls are usually pretty short. I had sent an Email to One.Tel on the same night requesting that they cancel the order, and I haven’t heard back from them, but today I get a welcome letter from One.Tel. I just emailed them again a few minutes ago with some much stronger words, stating that they will not be able to switch me to One.Tel as I have requested BT block the transfer and that I have cancelled the direct debit instructions with my bank so they would not get a penny from me. I don’t really want to switch from BT, when I am still within the 12 month contract, so I would have to buy myself out of the contract, which isn’t even an option at the moment, and I bet that if it was switched to One.Tel my ADSL would stop working as I bet the IP Stream wouldn’t be enabled. Anyway, I am fed up of just taking it up the arse from companies, I am now fighting back!

And for more stupidity, this morning I get another letter from Beresford Ward saying that they will be inspecting the flat next Thursday. So they couldn’t have inspected the flat last Thursday as I thought. The letter doesn’t say why the inspection didn’t happen. All I can think is that they couldn’t get access through the front door as Dan; my upstairs neighbour changed the lock, and may not have told the letting agency or given them a copy of the key, I am going to have to phone Beresford Ward on Monday to find out what’s happening as I can’t be here for when they want to inspect the flat, work comes first, not losing a days pay so they can inspect the flat, besides the letter states the I don’t need to be in attendance.

In Formula One, Red Bull Racing has pulled off somewhat of a coup luring chief designer Adrian Newey away from McLaren. Newey is considered to be one of the best designers on the Formula One grid, so it’s a great boost for RBR, and there is a history with David Couthard who Newey worked with at Williams and McLaren. I think that Red Bull could be making rapid advances up the grid this coming season being powered by a Ferrari power plant, and with Newey’s technical excellence, if he can build a car that is half as good as this years McLaren, Red Bull will be flying, which is great news for Brit David Couthard, who has demonstrated he still has the hunger for racing, maybe a few podium finished this coming season? I think a win is unlikely, but I would love to see DC on the top step of the podium.

Finally football and Michael Owen has given notice that he is back firing on all cylinders with two goals in two minutes to stun Argentina in the final five minutes of the friendly game played in Geneva. England had to come from behind twice, to win the match, although five minutes from time, it looked like it was going to be Argentina win. England played so much better than in recent games this afternoon, looking confident, professional and more than capable of winning the World Cup, let’s hope that Rooney doesn’t get injured this time around. England have one hell of a strike force at the moment, with Rooney and Owen firing on all 12 cylinders, although Liverpool striker Peter Crouch has yet to prove himself in both a Liverpool and England shirt, but the future looks bright for the English football team, and have the best chance since ’66 of winning the world cup! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

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