Greedy Bastard!

A few entries ago I mentioned about the possibility of Spa Francorchamps being taken off the F1 calendar for 2006 because of a lack of funds since promoter DDGP filed for bankruptcy. The local Walloon government says that it will have a cash shortfall of £10 million for the rights to host the race, but Bernie Ecclestone is being unreasonable stating “There is a contract between us and the Wallonian government; I can’t see why there should be a debate. We do not worry. When a contract is signed, it must be respected”. If the government don’t have the money then they can’t pay it, and I don’t think they should be forced to redirect funds from elsewhere to help boost Ecclestones bank balance even further. Why not just waive the £10 million shortfall so the race can go ahead. I have long though that Ecclestone is a greedy money grabbing bastard, who doesn’t have the interests of the sport at heart, I am not exactly a big fan of FIA co-conspirator Max Mosley either.

In work today, the flirting between myself and one of the girls in work [I am not going to mention any names at this stage] has evolved to the innuendo stage, with her saying “why do you never do me first, you always do them first” – which refers to something completely innocent, but we both knew what was meant. My reply was “OK, I’ll do you first, just to keep you happy” – I am still not sure what the situation is at the moment, but I will play it by ear, although I did comment that if it were to work, she would need to become a “rock chick” – which she laughed off! Other than that, work was pretty ordinary, nothing good or bad, so no episode of “The Potwashers” today; but you can guarantee that it’ll be back soon!

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