How Much?

I’ve just completed cleaning up my flat, and it’s looking tidy and it feels weird, I am used to organised chaos, tidiness scares me, it would be easier if I kept in tidy all the time, then I won’t need to go on one of these mass cleaning sprees every 3 months. But I am inherently lazy; especially when its something that I rather not do, I will always put it off until I can’t avoid it anymore, which is pretty much what happened today with the clean up. The only downside now is that I am hungry and all the dishes are clean and I don’t want to create more dirty dishes, which in turn I will need to wash before tomorrow, so it could well mean takeaway again tonight, I know that I shouldn’t but it comes down to the aforementioned laziness. Anyway, onto the subject of the title, I have managed to find over £12 in loose change around my flat, mostly on the coffee table and on the floor, which probably fell out of my pockets when I got home from the pub/club and took my jeans off, and there it stays until I manage to pull my finger out and clean up! That’s about all I have to say for today, I’m off to grab some takeaway and then off to the Phoenix to earn the money to pay for it!

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