“I work with idiots”

This title reflects both aspects of my entry today, first one, which is the quickest to explain is the fact that this site features at number five in Google under that term, which certainly cheered me up after the day that I’ve had. Onto the second aspect, work and the people that I work with; today has been an incredibly busy day, which is fine, but when someone says to me “that’s the first trolley that you’ve brought out to me all day” – not in a friendly humorous kind of way that I would approach the subject, it was a full on scathing attack on myself and the pot wash team. I really had to bite my tongue as I couldn’t exactly say what I wanted to say in the middle of the restaurant. The person shall remain nameless; but I am so tempted to put in an official complaint about her, as she has no right to speak to me that way, especially as she hasn’t been there very long compared to me. One knock on effect was that dishes were being literally thrown through the machine, although a few breakages occurred in the process, anger and fragile objects are not exactly the best of friends. Another thing what happened which brought me out of my ‘red mist’ was when I went upstairs to the main kitchen to pick up some liquid for the dishwasher machine, and found that I couldn’t open the door, as David the KP upstairs managed to pack the napkins away behind the door, so the sliding door only opened about 6 – 8 inches, which isn’t enough for me to squeeze in to clear the obstruction. Then Gary, one of the chefs gave it a go, which was a no hoper really as he is bigger than me, then Sue came along and said, I’ll fit in there easily, but she was wrong, and she used “I’ve had two kids” as an excuse. Finally Samantha who is younger and slimmer than any of us, just slipped in easily to clear the obstruction, and the guy that managed to pack the store cupboard in such an awkward way was nowhere to be seen. It was a bit of a farce really, but you have to laugh about it, as there isn’t anything else to do, except maybe go on a crash diet, but I doubt that I would have lost enough weight before the machine ran out of liquid; guess it’s just been one of those days!

Update on the One.Tel situation, it’s all sorted, after my second Email to them, they finally cancelled the order, although I still have an account with them oddly enough, and I can log into their site, not that I want to. Although I did get a scare today when I get a letter from BT confirming that I am moving to One.Tel, so I immediately got on the phone to BT to find out what was happening, and apparently all is fine, and now I have saved some money ironically through this call. BT offer a service called “BT Privacy” – which blocks 90% of all sales calls, which will be nice as I keep on getting calls from the same company all the time, and each time they call I get ruder and ruder on the phone to them, although they deserve it as they know I am not interested, but keep calling, sometimes several times per week! Anyway, I am happy once again, I’ll just wait until the next drama to pop up now, although it could start over again tomorrow when I go to see Beresford Ward!

Finally; I just received this rather amusing JPEG via Email from Tomas, who in turn got it from Neil Munday, enjoy… don’t drink too much beer now will you?

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