More bureaucratic bullshit!!!

Seems that a new group of companies comprising of some of the biggest music and film firms in Europe, going under the name CMBA [Creative and Media Business Alliance] has managed to get the data retention laws changed so that they can use the data to prosecute filesharers. What they fuck do these bureaucrats think they are doing, filesharing isn’t actually a criminal offence, it’s a civil offence, so under the definition of the data protection act, allowing access to the CMBA is effectively illegal. If this does stand then it’s going to set back the internet 10 years, the whole idea of the broadband was the ability to download music and movies quickly, with many ISPs plugging their service by saying you can download a music track in 3 minutes and so on, OK they don’t say illegal files, but its insinuated! The world is becoming more ‘big brother’ by the day; you won’t be able to take a crap without the powers that be knowing about it, where’s it going to stop? [Full Story]

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