Yet another two things that could be covered by the title of this entry, firstly I had my inspection of the flat today and I arranged for my dad to be here for it as I was at work. But the damn letting agency is being petty, picking up on nothing really, two of the things I couldn’t really argue with as they are right, if petty, its little things that could be corrected in five minutes. But the big thing that is pissing me off at the moment is the fact that they say that I have damaged the bathroom door. This is bollocks as it has been like that since before I moved in, and now because they are being like that I am likely to lose my £325 deposit. Even more annoying is that they managed to miss the damage to the bedroom door which has also been like that since before the date I moved in. This has left me wanting to move out of this flat as I don’t want to be dealing with this shit every three months. And it isn’t exactly cheap here either, my outgoings are close to £600 per month, leaving me very little to do want I want to do, hence why I work at the Phoenix to top up my income.

The second thing to fit the title is in Formula One. The Italian Grand Prix could be taken off the 2006 F1 calendar if a court ruling can’t be overruled before the date of the Italian Grand Prix. A group of Monza residents put forward a formal complaint for noise reasons, and an Italian judge ruled “motor races at Monza for vehicles which don’t have adequate silencers are outlawed” adding “an unnecessary activity, dangerous and without any social benefit and which has a considerable impact on the environment”. How small minded can the judge be, I bet that local businesses will see an immediate impact if Formula One was to be banned from Monza. Obviously there are other options for the Italian Grand Prix, including Imola and Ferrari’s Fiorano test track, but that isn’t the point, Monza has so much history, hosting a Grand Prix since 1922, and could put an ominous cloud over other historic tracks in residential areas around the world. But back to the title, how petty are these people, F1 only comes to the track for three days every year, and its not like they race at night and disturb the peace, and the judge is an idiot for saying what he did about Formula One!

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