Seems that we no longer have the right to free speech!

Just been reading this article on ZDNET about a flight attendant, Ellen Simonetti, who was effectively fired for writing a ‘blog, which contained references to the company that she worked for, also pictures of colleagues in uniform, which was the official reason for the dismissal. What has this World come to when we can’t write or express our thoughts about the environment around us? If Derrys management were to read my ‘blog, I would have the book, followed by the bookcase and then the library thrown at me for what I have written, especially as I never pull any punches, I write exactly what I think at the time of writing! I know that I am certainly not going to stop writing this ‘blog over the fear of getting fired, if it means that I can’t have an opinion, then I’d rather not work for the company. It’s seems that this isn’t a one off event; several hundred people have been sacked by major corporations, including Microsoft for writing ‘blogs. In reality, the government and law lords are biased towards business and doesn’t in any way protect the ‘little’ person who work for said companies, which is wholly unfair considering it’s the working class that put these governments into power, I am going to stop there before I go on a full on rant about politicians yet again, my dislike for those money grabbing, self serving bureaucrats is well publicised around the interweb! [Ellen’s ‘blog, if you’re interested in reading it]

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