Slippery Slope

Plymouth have slipped to second bottom of The Championship after a 3 – 1 defeat at Portman Road. Plymouth will be disappointed with that result after the recent run of decent results away from home, but today former premiership side Ipswich were too strong for the Pilgrims. The most disappointing thing is that the first two Ipswich goals were conceded from corners in 8 minutes in the first half, Argyle look vulnerable from set pieces, seems the defence still isn’t working effectively as a unit! The other problem that Argyle have is that the strikers seem to lack finishing ability, with Akos Buzsaky being the only shinning light of the Argyle offence, and he could be off to premiership side West Bromwich Albion if the rumours flying around are true, I for one really hope that it’s just that, a rumour, as Argyle will almost certainly get relegated if he leaves for the Premiership side. Plymouth were unlucky last Tuesday night when their game versus Leicester was abandoned at half time due to a waterlogged pitch while leading The Foxes 1 – 0 courtesy of a Nick Chadwick first half strike, seems that Plymouth can’t catch a break at the moment, although we have a game in hand over the teams around us because of the abandonment, the replay date is yet to be confirmed, but hopefully the Pilgrims can win the replay, as it would just be cruel if Argyle were to lose that replay. Talking about not getting the breaks, Plymouth narrowly missed out on re-signing Dexter Blackstock, who would have been a great addition to the team as he is a proven goal scorer. Instead he opted to join Championship rivals Derby County and has scored 3 times in two games for The Rams; Blackstock was instrumental in saving Argyle from playing League One football this season scoring 4 goals in fourteen games for the Pilgrims last season. Plymouth need to strengthen the squad in the next transfer window as Argyle are lacking in many areas at the moment, and this needs to be addressed very soon, or Argyle could find themselves adrift at the bottom on the table!

Work has been hectic and as usual the management don’t have a fucking clue again, my hours have been changed several times for next week, 3 times in the last two days! First I was asked to work 10am – 5pm, then it went back to my old time of 9:30am – 4pm, and now I have a weird mixture of hours, Monday will be 10am – 5:30pm, Tuesday will be 11am – 5:30pm, and the rest of the week is just as fucked up! All this has come about because they employed a 16 year old to work in the potwash, which is just stupid as he can’t use the dishwasher machine, so everyone else needs to be shifted about to accommodate him. I don’t have a problem with the guy; he’s a nice enough guy, but he should never have been employed in the potwash. The problem is that since Stuart left, he has never been replaced, we need a full time member of staff in the potwash, and as I am the only one willing to take it on, it will have to be me, but they won’t do that as it will cost them too much money. I work one in every two Sunday’s, and if I was full time they would have to pay me double time, which is more than £10 per hour, as it stands I can work Sunday’s and because my total hours for the week is less than 39 hours, they only have to pay me standard rate. And there is more things that I am pissed off about; on Thursday, I was first in at 9:30am, and was on my own for two fucking hours, and the other two guys came in at 11:30am, when one should have been brought in at 10:30am, I was doing the job of two people, and to do a complete ‘cycle’ takes approximately 30 minutes and each full trolley load was coming in every 15 – 20 minutes, you do the math!!! And Friday was equally as disorganised, I was asked to come in at 10am, only to find that all the kitchen dishes that would normally be cleared by 10am were still waiting for me, and at 10:05am the first full trolley load came in, so I had no chance of coping, I almost just walked out there and then, as they are blatantly taking the piss, either that or management are completely inept and couldn’t organise their way out of a soggy paper bag, and I tend to think the later is the case, the longer I work there!!!

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