“The Potwashers” continues…

If you’re wondering about the title, you best send an Email to Tomas and ask him as he invented it from something he read in one of my previous blog entries. Anyway, it’s another work related entry; as you can read below, I took the day off work on Saturday because I woke up with a migraine, which I simply couldn’t work through! Anyway, I was back at work today and I pretty much got told off for ‘going sick’ and it was my fault that the potwash was in a mess, not sure how that works as I haven’t been there all weekend! I just couldn’t be bothered to argue this morning after only managing four hours sleep, I was going to offer to work on my day off to make up for the day off on Saturday, but after getting the attitude within an hour of arriving, they can stick it up their arse. Not only that, because the damn machine is leaking, I managed to slip on my arse and actually hurt my leg quite badly, it still hurts like hell now after more than eight hours since the incident! That machine needs to be fixed, its getting dangerous now, what if I slipped and hit my head on one of work benches, then the company would be really in the shit as its neglect on the part of the company that caused it! Also today, a girl [well, woman] seemed to be flirting outrageously with me, she is a nice enough women, great personality, but we are like chalk and cheese really, she is loud, bubbly and very outgoing, where I am almost the complete opposite, she likes poppy chart music and like the darker side of music, rock, metal and general alternative types of music, although it would be nice to be in a relationship again, after being single for the last three years, but could we overcome all the differences. The looks don’t matter to me, its safe to say that she falls into the BBW (big beautiful woman, had to look that up) category, but that doesn’t bother me, I never have been a fan of stick insects, anyway, I’ll shut up now, and see what happens over the coming weeks and months!

Most of this evening has been spend eBay’ing, seems that I am hooked on it now, found some really cool stuff on there, and almost bought a 24 channel Mackie mixing console for £250, but managed to pull out of the manoeuvre at the last moment realising that I don’t actually have that sort of money to spare. But the temptation was huge, its not often you can pick up a £1200 sound desk for £250, but common sense prevailed thankfully or else I would be in dire trouble right now, think that I should stick to compressors, which is what I was actually looking for when I stumbled across the desk, damn you eBay!

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