Explosive Day!

Today in work has certainly been high stress to say the least, although not for me, I was cool as a cucumber today, but Dave, the KP from upstairs was filling in downstairs for Chris who was off sick. Everything was fine until about 3:30pm when the chefs brought in all the usual kitchen stuff, and Dave went ballistic, calling the chefs lazy, stating there are five of them doing nothing, and Gary took exception to this and bit back, so it went back and forth, exchanging insults, and I just stood there, thinking “this is better than Eastenders”. It wasn’t my argument as far as I was concerned, anyway eventually the boss came in and broke things up, and Dave was taken into the office for a dressing down, blah-blah-blah! I can understand Dave’s frustrations, but I am past that stage now, I have had this shit day in, day out for the last 16 months, and have become accustomed to it! Not only that, two more staff quit today having had enough of the treatment that has been dished out to them, you need to have a tough mentality to be able to work in catering, if you take offence to everything said, stay well clear of catering, and Derrys is quite civil compared to big restaurants or hotels, so I will be sticking where I am until something better comes along.

My new phone had arrived, but it has gone back to the depot as my dad just happened to pop to the shop for some milk when the delivery arrived, typical eh? He had waited in all morning, and pops out for five minutes and the delivery man arrived! It seems that I will need to change numbers after all, the number cant be transferred without the PAC code apparently, and Virgin won’t give me the code as I cant remember the password I set some 5 years ago, so I will have to lose the number, seems that most of my first months free texts will be used up texting my new number to everyone, at least everyone that I want to give my new number to, and there are about 120 of them, although I will only text the most important people first, the ones that call or text most often, which accounts for 10 people!

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