I don’t believe it!

More sound engineering nonsense, as documented earlier in the month, I had an amp blow up on me while engineering a gig, and this time the sound desk decided to play silly buggers. I was setting up my new compressors when suddenly, the music halved in volume, and I wondered what the hell was going on, at first I thought that it was just a dodgy lead, as we have had problems with the lead from the CD player to the desk, but later found out that it’s a problem with the left master fader. It would only work if I pushed the fader a little to the left, so I inserted one of the rack screws between the left and right master faders to hold the left fader in a position where it was making contact with the circuit board! The end result was that I never got to install the compressors properly, although it doesn’t matter as I have now changed my mind on the way to connect it to the desk, instead of passing the input signal through the compressor via XLR, which isn’t the best solution anyway, I have just ordered a load of insert patch cables (TRS plug to 2 mono plugs). This will mean that it will be easier to change compression channels, as it’s a single plug into the desk, which can be moved around freely! Because I had such a bad night at the desk; I decided to temporarily suspend my non drinking, and went for a couple of pints with Stephen, although I was well behaved, only drink 3 pints in 2 1/2 hours, so it wasn’t like I was back on the binge again, but I am still going to try to keep off the demon drink as much as possible, and especially keep out of club environments as that’s when I tend to drink most!

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