I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall!

I just tried to purchase an iCard from and PayPal won’t let me pay the money I know that is available in my bank account to purchase an iCard. It comes up saying that I need to add debit card details to complete this transaction, which would be fine if I actually had a fucking debit card! My bank keeps on turning me down for a debit card, and won’t tell me the reason; they do continuously offer me credit cards though, fucking idiots. I don’t require an overdraft, nor a credit card, I don’t want to borrow money, I just want to be able to spend my own money online easily, which requires me to have a debit card. Why wont they give me a debit card, I can’t spend money that I don’t have, and ironically I would end up with more cash in my account come the end of the month as I would pay for most things by card, hence only withdrawing only what I need! This is seriously winding me up now, I have been with the bank for more than 15 months now and my income is proven, and I am debt free so why the hell wont they let me have debit card, what harm can it possibly do to them? Anyway, back to PayPal, why do they suddenly require me to enter debit card details? If one were to navigate to this web page, they’d know other many more convenient ways of I have been using direct debit to fund lots of payments previously without any problems, and with before without a hitch. The only difference between now and the previous time I used is that I am now a member of eBay, could that be the problem? Also I have uncleared payments made to PayPal to pay for the goods I won on eBay, although the money left my account on Tuesday 6th, yet it still hasn’t reached its final destination, are PayPal just being arse bandits? It certainly seems that way to me, seven days for what is effectively a bank transfer, I think not, PayPal are holding onto the money for whatever reason I think! It’s due to clear tomorrow, or today, as its past midnight, so I’ll give it another try with after the funds have been confirmed, if it still refuses to work without a debit card, a not very complimentary Email to PayPal will be written; it doesn’t matter if they suspend my account as it’s useless to me as it is!

UPDATE: I have been doing some research on Google and it seems that it isn’t unusual for Nationwide to refuse people debit cards without giving a reason. I know that I had some bad credit (sorted now), but why is this relevant? As a debit card will only allow me to spend what funds I have available, if I don’t have enough available funds, then the card will be rejected! I am bringing in a reasonable salary, around £750 per month, which should be enough as I know people earning considerably less and have a debit card with Nationwide. I think that some research into other banks is in order, I will give Nationwide another try tomorrow, if I still don’t get any satisfaction then I will be looking to switch to a bank that does allow me to have a debit card, as I am being inconvenienced seriously because of this issue, I only have the hosting that this site lives on because I have whacked it on my dads debit card, and I transfer the relevant amount of money via BACS each month!

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