Is this love?

The answer is I don’t know, but I certainly feel something for the mystery woman [well, she isn’t a mystery to me, but I am keeping names out of it for now] who I happen to work with, the same one that has featured a lot lately. She wasn’t in today, so work wasn’t much fun really, it wasn’t bad, but because she wasn’t there, it didn’t seem the same. On Tuesday I actually found myself spending more time out of the potwash and out on the shop floor than I did in the potwash, just to be closer to her. Everytime I am near her, I get a warm sort of fuzzy feeling, something I haven’t felt before, at least not over a woman [or a man either, before you start!]. The problem is that I don’t know whether she is serious or playing along with the rumours, as I was, but could there be deeper feelings? At least on my part, but more than anything I am confused! I may ask her if she wants to go out with me to the gig at The Viaduct tomorrow night, although I don’t think it’ll be her thing, if she says yes, then there must be something there, especially to go somewhere where she is out of her comfort zone. Although I bet that I will bottle out, as I normally do in these situations, fear of rejection and all that sort of thing, I will have to sleep on it, and see how I feel tomorrow!

Onto something a little less heavy, more eBay nonsense, one of the compressors that I was bidding on ended up going for a whopping £71 + £11 delivery. Now this is stupid, £82 for a compressor that costs £60 new, or at least it did before it was replaced by the higher spec MDX2600-XL, which retails for £69 + £6 delivery, so a total of £75, a saving of £7, and has more features to boot. I thought the whole idea of eBay was to grab a bargain, not paying over the odds for something that simply isn’t worth the money in second-hand form! I still have a couple of bids in which was outlaid in the previous entries, I am ever hopeful of grabbing both these pieces of kit for a serious bargain price as I am the only bidder with 36 hours left, although last minute bids tend to bump the price up, and I cant counter after 9:10am as I have to go to work, so I may have to stick in a higher bid and hope for the best!

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