More mobile phone nonsense!

I have been accepted as an Orange [contract] customer, and my phone will be with me by Friday, which can’t be soon enough for me as being without a mobile is a nightmare, never thought I would miss it so much, two days in and I feel lost without it, roll on Friday. Anyway I have been doing some reading up on the ROKR and it seems to be quite a mixed bag of opinions on the phone, some people love it, others think that it is substandard. I can accept that it’s not the best phone in the world, but it doesn’t need to be, as long as it does what I need it to, I am happy, but can’t help thinking that I have chosen the wrong phone, guess only time will tell! Some reviews say that it comes with a 512MB transflash card, others say its an optional extra, same goes for the USB connecting cable, which is disappointingly USB1.1 instead of USB2, so transfers are going to be painfully slow, taking up to an hour to transfer 512MB of data. I am stuck with it for 12 months either way now; I can live with the phone for 12 months, then I am likely to get the new Motorola V3i, which isn’t available at this time, or I would have probably gone for it, oh well, I’ll wait and see what this ROKR phone is like, I will probably like it, as long as I can text, multimedia message, and call I will be happy enough, most of the features on phones I never use anyway, and having a built-in mp3 player is a nice extra, although the rumour that it only plays Apple’s AAC format does bother me, although iTunes does convert mp3 files, so it won’t be a major hassle, but annoying non-the-less; anyway, bring on Friday!!!

I would talk about the Argyle game at Home Park today, but there’s nothing to say, the fixture was postponed due to a frozen pitch, which means that Argyle will have two games in hand over the teams around them, which could be a good thing come end of the season!

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