Seasons Greetings… and all that jazz!!!

Right, now that’s over and done with, onto the important stuff. Firstly I am not doing well with the non drinking, guess I picked the wrong time to stop being Christmas, the traditional piss up season. So I have elected to not stop, but cut down instead, starting after the New Year, guess it’s a new years resolution then! I went out to JFK’s on Friday thinking that it was one of the special nights, as it was supposed to be a monthly thing, but it turns out that its been moved to the 30th instead for a new years party, albeit a day early. I will probably go to that one, instead of going out on new years eve, then every 4 weeks to JFK’s, once a month is enough really, can’t keep on spending £30+ each Friday night, well I can, but I’d rather spend it on something more useful. Work has been OK for the last couple of days really, and yesterday, the store closed early because it had been so quiet all day, but the bad news is that the dishwasher has died in the final moments of Christmas eve, which means that no-one from MKM will be available until January 3rd to fix it. Which means a week of hand washing for the pot wash team, which is going to be interesting to say the least, it will certainly be a test of my resolve and temper control as you can guarantee that everyone will be moaning that we are not getting the clean dishes out quick enough! I had to do more apologising to people for my behaviour the previous week at JFK’s, including to the promotions manager at the club, I still think I was right in what I said at the time, but could have gone about it a better manner really, so I apologised to keep the peace really. Over the next couple of days I will be doing as little as possible, as I have a rarity in my life, two consecutive days off work, although I am working the bank holiday, but that’s cool as I will be paid double time, which is a great incentive. Tomorrow I will be watching the big game between Liverpool and Newcastle, which sees the return of Michael Owen to Anfield, let’s hope that he doesn’t score eh? Well, that’s about it for now, hope everyone enjoys the remainder of Christmas, eat, drink and be merry, not too merry though…

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