Capital One…

Have been added to my arsebandit list after saying that I have been provisionally accepted for their credit card baring the technicality of sending proof that I am the person who I claim to be, which I did, and today I get a letter saying that I haven’t been accepted following credit scoring. Why the fuck didn’t they do the credit score before contacting me, then I wouldn’t have been given false hope. I could find out why I failed the credit score, but I would have to pay for it, but guess what! I need a credit or debit card to pay for it, are they complete fucking idiots? As outlined before I want to take advantage of web prices and buy online, but I can’t do that without a VISA debit or credit card. I am seriously getting pissed off with banks and credit card companies in the UK, the government is trying to promote the use of cards instead of cash, but don’t force banks into allowing people with poor credit to have debit cards. But most of my anger is still aimed at Nationwide for not seeing the bigger picture and constantly turning me down for a debit card, despite never going overdrawn and always having enough money in the account to cover all direct debits, I really fail to see why they refuse me all the time! I have enough money going into the account each month, roughly £800 every four weeks (13 paydays P/A), which equates to roughly £10,500 per annum! In my past I have had bad credit because my older brother Paul took a loan out in my name and defaulted on payments, I found out later when I got a court summons through my door, I successfully fought that, and didn’t have to pay the money back, but I think that has irreparably damaged my chances of getting credit, yet Orange accepted me without any problems, nice to know that at least one company has faith in me. It seems that I am damned if I do; and damned if I don’t, maybe I should fuck my credit completely and forget to pay everything? It can’t make things much worse, or maybe I should just quit my job and sign on again, there doesnt seem to be much benefit in working, I have tried my best to get my life in order, but seems that isn’t good enough!

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