First entry of the year, it’s 2006!

My head hurts, but that doesn’t matter as I had a great night last night, haven’t enjoyed a night out as much for years, and it wasn’t really my scene either, it was more of a generic mix of music, instead of the rock nights I usually go to. People of all types simply had a good time together, which is something you don’t see that often these days, although the rock crowd partied hardest, when I left at 3:30am the rock room was still packed, but I was totally shattered, so it was grab some food and back to Steve’s place for the night. Catching a taxi wasn’t really an option as it would have cost about £20 to get home; it cost £6 to travel less than quarter of a mile (Steve didn’t want to walk because it was raining), the clock started at £3.60 and went up 40 pence every 10 seconds, when we got out of the taxi we felt like we had been robbed, its daylight robbery of the highest order. During the night I sent loads of texts to people wishing them a happy new year and most of them got delayed as the networks had a serious meltdown, I made a drunken call to Tomas, although I don’t remember that though, I only know as its logged in my recently called list, its safe to say that my first bill is going to be quite large, that’s the only problem with contract phones, its easy to get carried away. I was out on Friday night as well and managed to lose the headphones for the new mobile as I took everything with me from my dads where the phone was delivered to the Phoenix, and then onto JFK’s, I am hoping that its around the sound desk in the Phoenix as that’s where I spent my night as I was working until 11:30pm, in my rush to get to JFK’s I just took everything out of the box and stuck it in my jacket pocket, so its possible that it fell out. If it’s not in the Phoenix, then I will have to try to source a new one, or at least something compatible, not bothered about the hands free part really, just need some headphones, but it’s a 2.5mm jack, not the standard 3.5mm. But I am happy with the phone; it’s easy to use and has lots of cool yet pointless features, like the rhythm lights, which responds to music or sounds in the environment around it. But the phone has a few annoyances, the main ones being the fact that it won’t allow me to use standard 3.5mm jack earphones, and it not allowing me to use mp3 tracks as ringtones, I need to pay through the nose and buy ringtones; which is annoying to say the least!

It was another good result for Plymouth Argyle on New Years Eve, not a win, but a good away draw at Molineux, despite being under the cosh for most of the match! Plymouth managed to take the lead against the flow of play when loan signing Elliot Ward got on the end of a Tony Capaldi corner, but the lead was short lived. Colin Cameron levelled the scores 10 minutes later, but despite it being one way traffic for most of the match, but Plymouth keeper Romain Larrieu had a storming game thwarting Wolves attempt to score, Larrieu was certainly the hero of the day. In fairness Wolves should have won the game as they were the better team, but the luck was with Argyle, so a great result for the Pilgrims, hopefully Plymouth can extend their unbeaten streak to five games against Leeds at Home Park tomorrow. Our position in the league hasn’t changed, still locked into 19th position, but it’s another point gained, but Plymouth need to start making progress in the league as the gap between the bottom of the table and mid table is starting to grow now.

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