I have been turned down again…

For a debit card from Nationwide, so I have decided to move bank to the same bank as my dad, the Woolwich, which is a trading name of Barclays apparently. Nationwide are constantly taking the piss, they won’t let me have a debit card, all they say is try again in six months, six months pass and try apply again, same result. So as a result I am in the process of moving everything over to the Woolwich, who do supply a debit card as standard, a VISA Delta card apparently, which is the same as my dad’s card, and I know that works for just about everything online and offline, so that’s exactly what I am looking for. Nationwide have screwed themselves over by being so damn stubborn refusing me a debit card time and time again, I fail to see why they don’t give me a debit card, I can’t spend money that I don’t have, so where’s the risk for them? Oh well, guess I’ll have the last laugh!

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