It’s been a day of highs and lows!

Today has been a contrast to say the least, the lows being work related shit, and the highs being! actually I’ll come to that later, work related shit first. Today has been a complete piss take in work, firstly they forgot to roster anyone on to help out the in potwash today, which left me on my own, so Chris who used to work in the potwash decided to lend a hand for the day. But he was called away to fill in for Dave, who works in the potwash in the main kitchen upstairs, who was called away by the catering manager to do some buffet for the suits upstairs. The net result is that I was left on my own for two hours, which put me behind, eventually when Chris came back, it took us a further hour to catch up, then I had to cut my hour lunch to half an hour so we wouldn’t get behind again as Chris was left on his own for the time I was at lunch! At the end of the day, I was once again left on my own as Chris’ shift finished at 3:30pm and no-one bothered even asking if I needed help, so I just got on with it making lots of noise as I threw plates around, I got everything done in the end, but I am now paying the price, my muscles are giving me hell now, only another three days to go, then I can have one of those rarities, a weekend off, yes, that’s right, Saturday and Sunday off, I shall certainly enjoy that; it only happens once in a blue moon!

Telewest has gotten back to me about being billed for the broadband that has not worked or been used for eight months, and what they said was;

“I am so sorry for the confusion regarding the disconnection of the Broadband service. I have booked a disconnection for the Broadband service which will be actioned on 9/2/06! !I have credited the account with 1 mths Broadband service as a Goodwill Gesture.”

Now how I read this is that I will still have to pay this months bill, including the £17.99 for the broadband, which doesn’t bloody work, and they are giving me a free month of broadband, which they know I wont use anyway. I could keep on fighting this, but I really can’t be bothered with it, its more hassle than its worth, but I am still not happy about it!

Finally I have been accepted for a credit card from Capital One. I only applied for a laugh, I saw an advert for on myspace, saying instant decision, so I put in my details expecting it to decline my application, but it came out that they needed to review my application further. Today I get letter from Capital One saying that I have been provisionally accepted, and that all I had to do was send two proofs of address, so I sent a water bill and a bank statement, which is in their list of approved documents, so with a little luck I will have the card in the next week. I will only use the card as a debit card (as I can’t get one because Nationwide are arsebandits) paying off the outstanding balance within a few days, so I wont be paying any interest effectively. The advantage of a credit card is that its accepted in more places than a debit card, and should I want to get something a little more expensive and spread the cost, its got a £2,500 limit, but I don’t want to get anywhere near that amount, the maximum I will probably spend in £1,000 as I know I can pay that off without screwing myself financially in six months. But it still pisses me off that I had to resort to a credit card because of Nationwide’s stupidness over giving me a debit card!

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