It’s not all bad news

Rumours have been flying over recent days since the announcement that the Phoenix has been sold that it has been bought by Dance Academy owner Manoch Bahmanzadeh, and it turns out that the rumours are true. Which is good news as far a live music is concerned as it will continue ‘as- is’ for the immediate future, long term plans are yet undecided, but its likely to revolve about live music. But it’s going to be interesting as most of the equipment in the Phoenix belongs to the current engineers, myself included, and the PA itself belongs to Nick Western. I doubt that I will want any involvement in the venue after it changes hands, it’s not like I need the money now, and frankly staying away more will suit me. It’s been a good three years in general, and I think its time to hang up my sound engineering gloves (it gets cold in the Phoenix). My reasons for staying so long was the people more than the venue, and now it is to become a non-family run venue, it’s not the atmosphere I want to work in, I get enough of that in Derrys. But in general, this could be good news for the Phoenix if the new owner ploughs money into the venue, moving the bar to the back or side of the venue, upgrading the PA, a decent Opus rig would be great, move the sound desk to the back of the room as its current position isn’t exactly ideal, but all this remains to be seen at the moment, the full article is here if your interested in a read!

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