Seems that I really don’t learn!

Today hasn’t been a great day by any stretch of the imagination, and again it was caused by the demon drink again. Last night I went out to the Phoenix firstly, and then off to JFK’s afterwards; I was already wasted by the time I left the Phoenix, which was emphasised by Helen saying “are you trying to break the bar record on your own”. By the time I had left the Phoenix I have gone through £20 worth of beer, I should have called it a night at that point but for some reason I didn’t, and went on to spend a further £30 in JFK’s. Of course this left me feeling like shit in the morning, and for the first time ever I actually felt physically sick in work, had to dash off to the gents on occasions. I somehow managed to survive the day, and as soon as I got home I passed out, still feeling like hell, normal hangovers have long dissipated by the time I arrive home. I am annoyed with myself for having poor self restraint, and especially blowing £50 on alcohol, I wish that I could stay away from alcohol but it seems that its beyond me at this moment in time, the problem is that I get so bored sat at home, so I end up going out, and usually I end up in a drinking establishment! I am annoyed as well because I wanted to go to the Grifter gig at the Phoenix tonight but ended up sleeping through until now, and at past 10:30pm I can’t really go now, and I don’t really feel up to much anyway, just shows how much binge drinking fucks up your life, I really need to cut it out before I do some serious damage to myself, and my wallet! Anyway, back to bed to try and get the poison out of my system!

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