Surely not!

Well, it may be hard to believe, but Plymouth Argyle has managed to win a game away from home. The Pilgrims were 2 – 0 by half time courtesy of Paul Wotton on 3 minutes from the penalty spot and again in the 45th minute with a superbly taken free kick from 25 yards out. Crewe did pull a consolation goal back after 68 minutes off the boot of Luke Rodgers, but the home team never looked like they would overhaul the Argyle lead, in fact Argyle came closer to scoring than Crewe ever did after the Rodgers goal. French midfielder Lillian Nalis seems to be an inspired signing playing a vital role in his first match for the Pilgrims, impressing Argyle manager Tony Pulis massively, with Pulis saying “Lilian Nalis has been superb for us and as the game went on he got stronger.” I know that we have him until the end of the season, but will he stay after that, hopefully he will if he can have a positive impact on the team for the rest of the season, albeit this game wasn’t the sternest of challenges as Crewe are welded to the bottom of the league. This result means that Plymouth have moved up one position to 19th in the league, which isn’t exactly spectacular, and we need to consolidate this result with another win against fellow strugglers Leicester at Home Park on Tuesday, and hopefully again against 16th placed Southampton next Saturday, three wins on the trot will boost Argyles chances of survival massively, moving out of the bottom 8 teams for the first time since the start of the season.

How much fucking tax? £171.38 and that’s in four weeks, my wages came to £1129.34, and after the taxman has taken his slice, that takes me down to £957.96, basically they have taken more than a flat weeks wages in tax, I would earn £156 per week without overtime, so that puts the amount of tax into perspective. I only earned that much this month because of all the double time hours and overtime I have done as these wages cover the Christmas period, which offers shit loads of overtime! Luckily that tax isn’t so bad as I get £175 tax credits, so what the taxman has taken away with one hand, he has given back with the other, although I have fucked myself up for next year as my earnings this year have exceeded what was estimated in the tax credits system, so after April I will end up with a lot less tax credits; which means that I will need to work more overtime to keep at the same wages!

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