…Is what I will be by the end of Wednesday evening, I have just agreed to do three nights of noise at the sound desk, first one being a freebee at the Voodoo Lounge on Monday, it’s a charity event, so I cant ask for money, I was going to that gig anyway, so it’s no hassle to engineer it, its only a vocal PA, so shouldn’t be too complicated! Next up is the one I am not looking forward to at all, the valentines day gig, which features a member of a well known local band that always has his amp way too loud onstage [always citing that the lack of monitors as why he is so loud, but I don’t believe that for a second], which causes countless problems and hurts my ears like hell, so I may get a second set of earplugs as double protection! He has promised me that he’d turn down if I crank it up in the monitors, but like most guitarists I know, he won’t be able to hear the 400w monitors coming straight at them! Finally Wednesday night at the Phoenix, the much talked about return of Rectal Haemorrhage, reforming specially for this gig, along with four other bands, going to be a busy one [hopefully, the more bodies between me and the stage, the better], it’ll sound horrible, but no-one really cares, Rectal are awful, but because of their unique style locally, no-one cares, not even me, I find them entertaining in a so bad its good kind of way!

100Mbit broadband in the UK, surely not? Something for the Internet speed freaks!!!

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