Did I say that I wasn’t going out last night?

Well, inevitably I did end up going out to Voodoo Lounge, which was a reasonably good night; it started out pretty dead, although Stephen and I did arrive just after opening. Within about half hour it started to warm up and a few people that I knew came in, so I started to feel more at home, the three pints that I drunk in the first half hour helped! Other than that it was a pretty uneventful night, but the bizarre thing is that Stephen was giving me relationship advice, which is ironic as his relationships haven’t exactly been a success in the past. My order at Dabs has now gone through after some security checks yesterday, so hopefully the new toys will arrive tomorrow sometime, if not it’ll be Monday sometime, obviously I would like it before the weekend, 300GB HDD, 2.5GB RAM, ATI X1600Pro here we come; just a shame that AMD no longer make the XP series of processors. I have finally sorted out Matt’s new machine, it arrived back from the shop, and the graphics card is now working, it was some sort of power related issue apparently, but I can’t see what they did differently. Matt called me up early in the evening saying that it was stuck on “verifying DMI pool!” it turned out that he had plugged the keyboard into the mouse port. I switched them around, and suddenly it would install windows, apart from the fact that windows couldn’t see the hard disk, and the drivers were on floppy disk, which was a problem as Matt elected to not buy a floppy disk drive against my advice. So I had to run home (as I live in the same street) to whip the floppy drive out of my machine to plug into his machine temporarily to install the SATA drivers. All this hassle was caused by Matt not buying a £6 floppy disk drive, it’s always worth having a floppy disk drive for emergencies, and it’s surprising how often you actually need one, despite it being a depreciated device these days. Anyway, all is well now, and the machine is blisteringly fast, certainly makes my machine look like it’s from the dark ages, but that’ll change in the next couple days!

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