I was going to buy KFC, but…

I happened to look at my bank balance online beforehand and found that after paying my dad back for the new PC components I only have £510 in my bank account, and £325 of that is going on rent, £31.62 is going on the TV license, £42 on Telewest TV, and £11 on the water rates, and that’s the bills I am expecting. If the BT bill arrives I am deep trouble as I know that is going to be £130+, so in conclusion I have no money for the next 25 days, no more nights out, no more gigs, 25 days of being bored out of my fucking head, oh and I have no funds for food either, so I may well die within the next 25 days, or spend a lot of time at my dad’s while I raid his cupboards. Although I can only blame myself as I knew money would be tight this month, yet I spent over £100 on booze between Wednesday and Friday, Voodoo on Wednesday, The Hub/Quay Club on Thursday and JFK’s on Friday; which was incredibly stupid considering my financial situation, but it definitely won’t be happening this month, so I need to make my own entertainment, so Internet, TV, Music and computer games then, suppose I could start the development of the new Plymouth Music Scene website that will become fully featured much like my old Phoenix Live site, but covering all venues around Plymouth. Also it seems that any hope of starting any sort of relationship with Helen is non existent now, in fact she pretty much ignored me all day, probably pissed off with me for not going to her party on Saturday. I really wasn’t feeling up to it, I was shattered and didn’t fancy spending several hours with a load of 16/17 year old girls, who account for most of Helen’s friends, despite Helen herself being 26; it really isn’t my scene. I am not really bothered about it though, the relationship was never going anywhere, and I have decided to put myself first for a change, instead of putting other people before myself.

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