I’ve been naughty again!

After writing about the fact that I have no funds for beer, I ended up going out last night anyway, only to the pub and was home before midnight. But I shouldn’t have really, but it was a good night, was in the pub with one of the chefs in work, and his partner, and the night went as expected, it’s the usual debate that goes on, as both of them like to argue about everything, and I am not one to back away from a good structured argument, good for the old grey matter you see. I did pop into Voodoo on the way home, but didn’t stay long, I wasn’t really feeling up to a late night, I even left three quarters of a pint as I couldn’t drink it as I had been drinking Miller lager all evening which left me feeling bloated, usually I drink John Smiths, but since I was on a strict budget I went for Miller as it’s 65 pence cheaper. But I paid the price today, I felt like hell this morning, lager does that to me, if I stick to John Smiths I feel fine the morning after, maybe a slight headache, which is easily solved by a couple of Anadin. Now I really do need to stay away from pubs and clubs until next payday, which is going to be a killer, especially on a Friday night as I know all my mates will be out and I’m sat at home, wishing I was out, but I have to be strong,pointless making my financial situation even worse; no matter how big the urge to go out drinking is.

Football stuff, Liverpool seem to be scoring all the goals they should have scored in the champions league last night against Birmingham City, Liverpool beating the St Andrews team 7 – 0 in the quarter finals of the FA Cup. While I was in the pub last night I glanced at the plasma screens, and within five minutes Liverpool were two goals to the good, the next time I looked it was 4 – 0, the game obviously ended up 7 – 0 with Cisse putting the final nail in the coffin just before the 90th minute, Hyypia, Crouch, Morientes, Riise, also got on the score sheet, Birmingham did score one goal, it’s just a shame that it was in their own goal, when Olivier Tebily miscued a clearance. It won’t be a match that Steve Bruce will want to look back on as the reds embarrassed Birmingham City on their own turf, although all credit to him, he accepted defeat gracefully praising Liverpool. Of course this helps with Liverpool’s poor goal difference this season, and hopefully will help Liverpool overhaul Man Utd for the runners up spot in the league and the all important Champions League spot!

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