Is your music loud enough?!Not the Australian soap opera, my hypocritical neighbours. I woke up this morning to find this note on my front door (pictured on the right). I have no fucking idea about they are on, the music was lower than low, if the volume knob was numbered from 1 – 20, it would have been on 1 1/2 which I don’t find even remotely excessive. I had already turned the subwoofer down to minimum so it wouldn’t reverberate through the floorboards. It seems to me that they have double standards, its fine for them to come in the early hours of the morning when I am trying to sleep and slam all the doors on the way through, but I can’t play some music at low level at 2am without them moaning. And the upstairs neighbours playing his shit dance music through a piss poor midi system no doubt, which makes my doors vibrate. When you share a house with other people, there has to be some give and take, but they seem to be doing all the taking and none of the giving. I don’t play music loudly now anyway, that sort of thing is in the past for me; I go out to live gigs and clubs to get my fix of loud music. If I wanted to piss off the neighbours, I have enough subwoofers in this room to make everything that isn’t nailed down fall off, and the biggest of these is the hi-fi subwoofer that I don’t use, it’s an active 125w Paradigm box with twin 20inch sub drivers. I have decided that it’s best for me to get out of this place; between the agency that are trying to find any excuse to not give me my deposit back and the petty neighbours that can only make snide comments on post-it notes, I could do without it!

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