After Wednesday’s frustrations…

I have calmed down somewhat, and decided to try to keep the piece in the house, I’ll stay away from anything of Nick’s and he’ll stay away from my stuff, problem solved! But last night I ended up getting pished again, only went out for a few beers, but during that time I received a phone call from my dad saying that Beresford Ward are harassing him about the old flat. Apparently they aren’t happy with the state I left the flat in, which is bollocks anyway as I haven’t officially moved out yet and it’s always a mess when you move stuff out. Apparently they have been showing people around the flat without my permission, while I am supposedly still living there. I am going to go and shout at them on Tuesday, as this is taking the piss, and my dad shouldn’t have to take the shit that he has been as it’s not his issue. I am going to get the few bits of my stuff out over this weekend and hand the keys back with a note stating my dissatisfaction with them and their behaviour and probably some other ‘kind’ words about their property management skills. At the end of the day, they have already fleeced me of my £325 for damage that I never caused, so I am going to leave the place in a complete fucking mess as they can spend my £325 on sorting the flat out. I was going to tidy up and leave it in the state I found it, but the way they have been hounding my dad over this, they can go fuck themselves up the arse with a splintered broom handle. I’ll be glad when I don’t have deal with those pricks anymore, so the sooner I offload the keys the better as far as I am concerned; as it has gotten beyond a joke now!

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