It’s Friday night…

…and I am alone in the house, Stephen isn’t in the country and Nick has gone to some leaving party type affair. I was going to go out for a few beers, but I can’t be arsed to walk into town, and the bus driver won’t accept £20 notes, so I can’t catch a bus and I really don’t want to pay £6+ for a taxi into town. But I still want to do something, I was going to go to the Schiztome gig at the Junction, but I have left it a little late for that now as the show started at 8pm. Then I thought about JFK’s, but the problem is that it’s going to cost me £15 before I even buy a drink, £6 taxi each way, and £3 entry, which puts me off that idea, so I will be staying at home wishing I was out with my mates, but £15 before drinks is a little steep, so I’ll have a couple of cans and watch some TV; It wouldn’t have been so bad if Stephen was here as the taxi fair would be halved as each of us would pay half the cost, or one would pay for the outbound journey and the other pay the return journey. I thought it would be easier to stay away from town, but when I am stuck in this big house all on my own, it seems very lonely, which is strange as I have lived on my own for ages now, although it didn’t seem so lonely when in a smaller home, which the flat certainly was!

Onto the official England world cup song! what were the FA thinking? Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song, but it has nothing to do with football or the English football team. I certainly don’t see the England fans singing the song in the stands in Germany, if anything, it’ll be ‘Three Lions’ being sung on the terraces yet again. I know that England songs haven’t been great over the years, but this one has no relation to football at all, which you would think would be a prerequisite of any England anthem, but it seems not, it’ll probably be a big chart hit, but don’t see it becoming a classic English anthem!

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