Not sure if this will work out!

This is exactly why I didn’t want to share accommodation, Stephen is fine; I have always gotten on well with him, but the other guy that shares the house is so fucking anal, and it’s really starting to get to me now. He frowns on anything that isn’t quite legal, including the use of P2P and sites like, and tries to make us feel guilty for using those services; but I can live with that! But tonight when he wanted to use mine and Stephen’s Internet connection (which he didn’t want in on, saying he wanted his own BT connection and didn’t want to connect to our network) and didn’t have the presence of mind to install the drivers for his network card, after explaining that he needed the driver disc I went to set Windows up ready for the drivers, and his response was “don’t mess around with it” – despite the fact that I know my way around Windows much better than he does. I was only trying to speed the process up so he had an Internet connection quicker instead of explaining every process of installing drivers. Even more annoying is that he is using my spare ethernet cable to connect him to the Internet. I just had to walk away and shut myself away in my room as I could feel myself getting irritated and it would have only taken one more word from him and then all hell would have broken loose! I now have some serious reservations whether it was a good decision to move into a shared house, I’ve been burnt before so was hesitant to share again and I cant see myself being able to coexist with someone like him being condescending all the time, thinking he knows better when often he doesn’t, I shall give it a chance, but I fear that I will be moving on again in three months time, as I can see him getting more and more annoying over time. It seems to me that he is so used to being alone in his flat that he doesn’t know how to interact with people in a shared house situation. In this situation it wasn’t like I was just pissing around, I was [trying] to help him out, it’s not like I am a kid that doesn’t know what he’s doing, it’s safe to say that he has really gotten my back up, what the hell do I have to do to get a simple life?

At least one thing is sorted, got the satellite working now, and just need the card from SKY and get hold of a cheap receiver. I want to get hold of my dad’s receiver so I need to convince him to get SKY+ which won’t cost him any more, but he is resistant to new technology, so I am facing an uphill battle there. The reason I want his receiver is that it has an digital optical output, which means that I can connect it to my Dolby Digital surround sound system as the DVD uses the coaxial input on the sound system. I went out and sorted Matt’s computer again, what happened by the looks of it was his system got corrupted when it crashed while accessing key files in the OS, which prevented it from booting giving a Blue Screen of Death which means sod all to anyone outside of Microsoft, and I doubt even they know what every message means. Anyway, he bought another 300GB SATA driver, which I installed the new version of Windows on, and set his original drive as secondary, so he can access all the data on the hard disk. So he is happy once again, which is cool, hopefully it won’t go wrong again as it’s some hike to Clifton Street from Keyham, although I suppose it keeps me fit, which is why I am walking to work when the weather is good, and bussing when the weather isn’t so good, don’t fancy walking 2.2 miles in the wind and rain!

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