Suppose it was inevitable really!

Chelsea have won the Premiership title today much to my disappointment. Manchester United failed to get the job done at Stamford Bridge going down by three goals to nil. I knew that Chelsea were all but certain to win the title needing only one point from three games. But I didn’t expect those winning points to come against Manchester United who until the last couple of games were pushing Chelsea hard in the run in to the end of the season! But it’s still possible that Liverpool can overtake Manchester United to snatch second spot if they can beat Pompey next Sunday and United manage to lose or draw their remaining two games, which is unlikely as both games are at Old Trafford, but we can hope *fingers crossed* Liverpool will beat Manchester United by one point in that instance, if I have my sums right! And of course Liverpool has the big game on May 13th against West Ham United, which they should win if they don’t get complacent! Nothing to report on the Plymouth Argyle front as they don’t play until tomorrow afternoon, hopefully the Greens can send Micky Evans off with a win in the seasons final game at Home Park against Ipswich and end the season on a high; I would love to go see the game as I have the day off tomorrow, but alas I have a serious lack of funds available, which is annoying to say the least as I don’t get the opportunity to go to games often as I am working most match days

I am attempting to change banks yet again, this time I will give the Co-operative Bank a try as I work for the P&SW Co-operative, they shouldn’t have any problems with accepting me as a customer and giving me a debit card, maybe initially only a Visa Electron, but within three months, they issue a Visa Delta card should my finances be to their satisfaction, which it should be, as I have never gone overdrawn or had payments fail, and I work for the same company effectively. I have been speaking to several people about the Co-operative Bank and they all say they are happy with them, very much no frills banking but efficient and courteous, more than I can say for my current bank Nationwide who consistently refuse me a debit card despite banking with them for nearly two years. I applied online tonight, so I shall see what happens with that, I should hear back within the next week! Hopefully I will have the account set-up by the end of next week, so I can change my banking details in work, so my wages go to the new account instead of the Nationwide account, which will be left empty as I no longer want anything to do with them, although I do have a great temptation to go into one of their branches and closing down the account stating refusal of a debit card as my reason; but I probably won’t waste any more time and energy on them!

Back onto football, the England manager’s job that is up for grabs; and the fact that the FA had decided to go with a foreigner again in the form of Portugal manager Luiz Felipe Scolari (who incidentally speaks very little English), but the Brazilian turned down the FA offer, leaving the FA with egg on their faces after such a public courtship. I for one am very happy that he turned down the job, I don’t want another non-Englishman, it should be a British manager at the minimum! Steve McClaren is now favourite to claim the position, which he should have been first choice for anyway as he has been Eriksson’s right hand man for some time now. It really pisses me off to see the ENGLISH FA turning to foreigners automatically, seems we might as well move the whole English league onto the continent as there are more fucking foreigners in the English game that actual Britons, especially the Premiership, which had a staggering 45% of foreign players in the 2004/5 season, and some teams, notably Chelsea and Arsenal played a completely foreign lineup during the season, and people wonder why England is lacking in footballing talent, mainly because they don’t get the opportunity to play top flight football! That turned into a bit of a rant didn’t it?

Finally, I went to the Battle of the Bands final at the Hub on Thursday night courtesy of Mr. Taxman who kindly paid in my working tax credits on Thursday sometime, which gave me the funds to go out. First thing that happened was that I didn’t have to pay to get in, myself and Phil walked up to the counter and they just stamped us and let us pass, which is cool, seems that I am more famous than I realised, so that started the night off well. I proceeded to start drinking, can’t be in a place that serves beer and not have the good manners to have a tipple or ten. Although something bizarre did happen, the first two drinks were charged at £2, then suddenly I was charged £2.20 for the third, then the next one was back to £2 again, someone screwed up I guess! Anyway, I was there to support my friends in Redemption Unnamed, and they finished dead last on the night, although the band were happy enough, they achieved what they set out to do, make it through to the final, play three gigs and raise their profile. But I think they were a little too ‘heavy’ for the judges, a word that I heard bandied around by the people that make decisions, which was expected to be honest, and probably only made the final because they were the only metal band, because each band were different genres. Yes I know I am a cynical bastard, but it all seemed too convenient to me, but I enjoyed the night, and Redemption Unnamed went down a storm, seems that they have grabbed some extra fans since I saw them perform last, but it was nice to see that they are starting to get the recognition they deserve. The Underdogs won the final, and Robolint took second prize with their zany antics onstage. So all in all, it was a rather good night, lots of beer, lots of loud music, and lots of hot women to me to drool over, and I didn’t spend too much money, spent about £20 including the taxi home, I wasn’t in any sort of state to walk home, and I am a lazy bastard after all!

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