And the shit goes on…

People are still bitching about me shutting down Plymouth Music Scene and detagging the domain name, get over it, it’s only a website. I have no interest in running and/or hosting such a site; I am fed up of being Mr. Nice Guy who is always putting other people or communities first. I need to sort out all the shit in my own life first, like figuring out a plan of action for accommodation as it’s looking increasingly likely that we will have to move out of this house. And getting a new rented house isn’t as simple as we imagined either; it’s likely to cost £14-1,500 just to be able to move in based upon a rental of £650 per month. Which is obviously a lot of money to get together within a month, it would be great if other bills just went away, but they don’t! Work has been frustrating as well, being left to do the job of two people for up to an hour at a time while the person that should be working with me is helping clear tables, I really feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall at the moment. And to top it off I have come down with the flu and I still have to work as I cant afford to take days off, if I do; I’d lose £30 per day, which is a lot of money when you only take home about £580 p/m after tax! I have considered just taking several packets of drugs to put myself out of my misery as every time I think things are starting to go my way and I feel more positive about things, I get pushed back under into depression and despair again, what’s the fucking point of trying? If you are on the sponging off the state or are an immigrant, you get everything thrown your way, but if you’re an honest hard working person who is paying taxes to support these people, you get screwed over even more by the fucking country, maybe I should rob a bank; if I get away with it, I get lots of money, if I get caught I won’t need to worry about accommodation for a while; I really cant lose!!!

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