Another Bizarre Night!

Last night I went out for a couple of drinks in the local pub and watched the England B match, which was a disappointing result to say the least, but that’s beside the point. After we had a few drinks, it was decided that we should go out, myself and Stephen were going to go to Quay Club, but Nic decided that he was going to go to Jesters instead, at which point I suggested that we should all go to Jesters. Stephen wasn’t too keen on the idea, but reluctantly agreed to go. Anyway, when we got to Jesters, Nic found some friends of his sat on the sofas, so we got a drink and sat down and started chatting until Nic’s friend decided to pounce on Stephen, and near enough sexually assault him, which I found highly amusing; but later she came around to me after Stephen had rejected her, she jumped on me, and proceeded to try to snog me to death, and have a damn good feel (I hope I don’t need to explain?) while she was at it. It wasn’t what I wanted to happen at all, but I can’t say that it was un-pleasurable, but it wasn’t the best way to start a relationship. Once I managed to peel her off my face, I gave her a good talking to, trying to explain that throwing herself at everything in trousers wasn’t going to get her a boyfriend and father to her two kids, but I’m afraid that it fell on deaf ears, as almost as soon as I gave her the lecture, she went off and found someone else. And that person would have been all for taking advantage of her drunken state, as it’s that sort of club, hence the alternative name, “Molesters”. During the night, she wandered from man to man; eventually we had to leave her there, as she wouldn’t come with us when we left at 2:15am. The annoying thing is that she is probably a really nice girl when sober and in the light of day, but I couldn’t go for someone like that because I would be afraid that she would be off with someone else as soon as she has had a few drinks and my back was turned, hence I refused to give her my mobile number, at least on this occasion. I think that she has serious emotional issues and a general lack of respect for herself if she’s willing to throw herself at anyone that shows the slightest bit of interest. But it would be too much for me to take on in my own fragile mental state, taking on someone with emotional issues and two kids isn’t right for me at this time. The one I feel sorry for is her friend who was trying to look after her, but really couldn’t do much about her behaviour, and her friend was really nice, understated sort of caring person, someone that I would have gone for as I like that personality trait. But alas she was married with a kid, so that idea was dead in the water. The funny thing is that the one that threw herself at me said “you obviously like her, why don’t you just do her?” – although I get the feeling that it was a statement out of spite as I turned her down, guess the girls in the cattle market are not used to men saying ‘no’. But having said all that, I actually really enjoyed the night, it was great to have change of scenery, as JFK’s is getting boring and predictable.

Some more useful files for you to download now; if you have a less than legal version of Windows XP and if you have have tried to install the Internet Explorer 7 Beta or Windows Media Player 11 Beta you’ll have realised that they have added the WGA to their install packages, so no legit copy of Windows, no install! So I have some workarounds for you! Firstly download the IE7 Beta 2 from the M$ website; then follow the below instructions;

Step 1: Extract the contents of IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe using WinRAR or WinZip

Step 2: Browse to the update folder of your extracted files.

Step 3: Download a patched copy of iecustom.dll

Step 4: Run update.exe, NOT iesetup.exe

Step 5: Restart your machine, then run xmllitesetup.exe, restart once again and thats it!

Now onto Windows Media Player 11 Beta;

Step 1: Extract the mpsetup.exe to a new folder

Step 2: Replace legitlib.dll in this folder with the one from here.

Step 3: Run setup_wm.exe

I have hosted the files myself as the site I downloaded them from are less than reliable, enjoy the new IE7 experience, it’s a massive difference from IE6, nothing new really, it’s nothing Mozilla and Maxthon haven’t already done, but it works and it looks cool!

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